Buying Sunglasses for Mom for Mother’s Day

I did not know what to get my mom for Mother’s Day. I was looking at flowers, candy, clothes, a spa day and all kinds of stuff. I had done it all before. I was even going to make her a homemade card like I used to when I was in grade school. I thought she might appreciate that. What I did do was to get her a nice pair of designer sunglasses and put them in a purse she had been wanting to buy from one of those purse stores at the outlet mall. I did make her a homemade card out of construction paper and stuff I got from the kids. My wife understood it, but the kids thought I was being goofy making my mom a card. Continue reading

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How Do You Collect Vintage T Shirts

I was talking to this guy I ran in to at the Blind Tiger briefly the other night. We were waiting at the door for them to check I.D’s, which takes a while because all of the college kids are trying to sneak in and all of them have fake driver’s licenses. At any rate this guy had on a really cool t shirt, one I recognized from when I was a kid. Apparently he collected 80s tshirts and was talking about it since I asked him. I forgot about the place he said. He told me the name of the shop where he got the shirt, but of course that is not going to be a steady thing. It seems like you would have to be quite diligent about checking various places. I know where the thrift shops are and I like to check them out for bargains every now and again.

There is a church down the street from where I live and they have a really big yard sale in the Spring and again in the Fall. Continue reading

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Looking to Make a Change in Style

For some reason I have become a bit bored with my current look and I am open to exploring new options. I have just decided that my current life is too boring and staid, so I have decided that at the least I shall look in the mirror and think that I am more fresh and exciting than I think that I am right now. So I found a new hairdresser near Bristol, right near stokes Croft in fact. Together we are thinking about what it is that I want and how it is that we can get to what I want. I do not know exactly what it is that I want, although it is a balancing act. My original thought was something along the lines of Audrey Hepburn’s hair in that movie where she is in Rome, I think with Gregory Peck or some similarly smashing movie star.

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A More Innovative Way to Find the Latest Fashion Styles

Being a self-proclaimed fashionista, I am always on the look out for the latest fashion accessories, industry news and trends.

I have been a fan of fashion ever since I was about sixteen years old. During my senior year in high school, I was even named the most “fashion forward student”. Back then, I used to shop for all my clothes at local neighborhood boutiques and discount retail stores. Although I enjoy fashion shopping today just as much as I did back then, I no longer have time to go shopping at boutiques and retail stores because I am now a wife, mother and full time business woman. Because of my busy schedule, I now prefer to do all my clothes and accessory shopping online. One of the main reasons I enjoy shopping on the internet is because it is so much more easier and convenient. I also like the fact that there are now several online stores that currently host monthly virtual fashion shows. These shows feature deeply discounted designer clothing and jewelry, and other related products. This type of shopping concept makes customers like me feel very special, because it provides a truly unique shopping experience.

Along with fashion shows and featured discounts, many of these online stores also provide blogs that feature articles and postings about the latest fashion styles and upcoming trends. For example, by reading one of these blogs recently, I was able to find out that pink, sea green and light blue will be the new “in style” colors for next spring and summer. In addition, I was also able to read an advance notice about upcoming sales, clearance events and online auctions.

Thanks to the launch and innovation of these new online stores, maintaining my reputation as a fashion trendsetter has become a whole lot easier.

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I Can Get the Latest Fashion Trends Where I Live – Thank You Internet!

Not every place around the country has access to shopping for the latest trends and the fashions that women and men are seeking. I find myself in this situation. I love fashion and I love wearing clothes that are among the latest trends. I have a very difficult time finding the style of clothing that I love wearing in the small town where I live. I have spent many hours in my car driving to different malls in the area trying to find the kind of clothes that I am looking for.

I have pretty much given up all of my hopes of finding fashionable clothing in my area and have turned to the internet for help. Continue reading

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